FREE Canva Vision Board Template

Download your FREE Vision Board Template,
then edit it in Canva

Why Create a Vision Board?

  • Creating a vision board will help you get in touch with your core values – the things you REALLY care about and want to pursue this year and beyond.
  • Having a visual representation of your goals makes them more real in your mind.
  • Review and meditate on these images to keep you motivated throughout the year.

Why Use Canva? 

  • A Canva template makes it super-fast and easy to create your vision board. No mess of glue or paper scraps. No fretting about the format. 
  • Just drag-and-drop photos into the spaces provided. You can upload your own photos or choose from Canva’s library of stock images.
  • When you download your image, it’s the perfect size to set it as your computer desktop wallpaper or your Facebook Cover graphic! Remember your vision all year long!