Monthly ZOOM Calls for Healers and Helpers

Tech Help for Healers & Helpers

Are you a coach, trainer, motivational speaker, or a healer of some sort? Are you helping people grow in mind, body, and spirit? If you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur whose mission is to help other humans survive and thrive, then you’re invited! Monthly Virtual Gatherings are happening every month in 2022 on the 3rd Thursday at …

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My Journey with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can make you feel alone in a crowd of people

Written in January 2016 by Erica Rice Three months ago, I started a 12-week program by a company called Joyable to conquer pretty severe social anxiety that has negatively affected my life in some way or another since my childhood. Here’s how I described my background with social anxiety at the beginning of the program, …

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New Book! Entrepreneur Toolkit: A Digital Marketing Planner For Small Businesses

Entrepreneur Workbook and Social Media Planner

A 12-month, undated workbook to focus your marketing strategy Holy wow! My very first book has just launched on Amazon! I am so THRILLED to be a published author and grateful for this opportunity to help more small business owners to focus their marketing strategy to increase their following and their revenue! If you’re an …

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