About Erica Rice

About Erica Rice

I get it. Your business is growing but all the ‘back end’ part of running a business is not your specialty as you are 1000% a creative. You have no idea how to do it, and certainly don’t know how to do it effectively. Overall, you’re unsure of what systems & automations would even look like for you. But you also realize just how much energy your chaos and lack of strategies zaps. You want to take your business to the next level but wonder how you are supposed to bring in more clients if you don’t even have enough time NOW?!?

All of my clients struggle this way at first.

Cue the confetti because systems are what comes naturally to me. I think in bullet points. I’m naturally inclined to organize things. I am able to break down a complex idea quickly, explain it very concisely, and teach it to others. I’m also a great listener and empathetic. I want to create systems that actually work for someone’s personality, so I listen to what makes my clients tick and make sure we build workflows & automations that let them be their creative self AND get the success they dream of.

I was born to offer this type of support.

My older sister introduced me to paper-and-pen planning at a young age. I was intrigued by her calendar, planner, journal, etc. I had an elementary school friend who did the same things and she inspired me. In middle school, she was so good about sticking to her daily habits and routines and checking off things on her to-do list. At a young age, I was naturally drawn to introspection and taking responsibility for my life. My favorite game to play with my best friend in elementary school was “teacher”– we would design lesson plans and create worksheets.

Now I know, adulting gets old and business management requires way too many tasks for just one person to juggle. I want life to be as simple, joyful, and easy to manage as possible for me and my clients. I enjoy making the process smoother by creating systems and leveraging tools & technology.

I’m very creative but can also be very structured and over time I realized this isn’t the case for most people – they are either big picture thinkers or detail-oriented and I can switch seamlessly between both. I’m a visionary but also an implementer. I can dream and also plan and take action. As a tech enthusiast from a young age, I understand (and actually enjoy) setting up online systems for businesses.

My goal is always to make your processes easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to pass on. With my help, you’ll be able to shift away from choosing or learning new systems to simplify your business and instead focus on scaling and serving your clients really well.

If you’re ready to get on simplifying your business and maximizing your time on the important things, I invite you to grab one of my free strategy consults where we’ll craft a strategy to simplify & automate your small business.

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